February 1: The Call of God

February 1 The Call of God Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel . . . —1 Corinthians 1:17

Paul states here that the call of God is to preach the gospel. But remember what Paul means by “the gospel,” namely, the reality of redemption in our Lord Jesus Christ. […]

Morning, February 1

Morning, February 1

Scripture: “They shall sing in the ways of the Lord.”(Psalm 138:5)

The time when Christians begin to sing in the ways of the Lord is when they first lose their burden at the foot of the Cross. Not even the songs of the angels seem so sweet as the first song […]

Faith’s Check Book, February 1

Never Despair

Scripture: “But unto you that fear My Name shall the Sun Of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings”(Malachi 4:2).

Fulfilled once in the first advent of our glorious LORD, and yet to have a fuller accomplishment in His second advent, this gracious word is also for daily use. Is it […]

Evening, February 1

Evening, February 1

Scripture: “Thy love to me was wonderful.”(2 Samuel 1:26)

Come, dear readers, let each one of us speak for himself of the wonderful love, not of Jonathan, but of Jesus. We will not relate what we have been told, but the things which we have tasted and handled-of the love […]

February 1 The Fruit Comes Afterward

February 1

The Fruit Comes Afterward

“The Lord hath His way in the whirlwind and storm” (Nahum 1:3).

I recollect, when a lad, and while attending a classical institute in the vicinity of Mount Pleasant, sitting on an elevation of that mountain, and watching a storm as it came up the valley. The heavens were […]