March 4: Could This Be True Of Me?

March 4th Could This Be True Of Me?

“But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself.” Acts 20:24

It is easier to serve God without a vision, easier to work for God without a call, because then you are not bothered by what God requires; common sense […]

Morning, March 4

Morning, March 4

Scripture: “My grace is sufficient for thee.”(2 Corinthians 12:9)

If none of God’s saints were poor and tried, we should not know half so well the consolations of divine grace. When we find the wanderer who has not where to lay his head, who yet can say, “Still will I trust […]

Faith’s Check Book, March 4

Honor God

Scripture: “Them that honor Me I will honor”(1 Samuel 2:30).

Do I make the honor of God the great object of my life and the rule of my conduct? If so, He will honor me. I may for a while receive no honor from man, but God will Himself put honor […]

Evening, March 4

Evening, March 4

Scripture: “They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house.”(Psalm 36:8)

Sheba’s queen was amazed at the sumptuousness of Solomon’s table. She lost all heart when she saw the provision of a single day; and she marvelled equally at the company of servants who were feasted at the […]

March 4 Shaped Stones

March 4

Shaped Stones

“I will lay thy stones with fair colors” (Isa. 54:11).

The stones from the wall said, “We come from the mountains far away, from the sides of the craggy hills. Fire and water have worked on us for ages, but made us only crags. Human hands have made us […]